What I have been doing for the past +10 years organized by experience and chronologically. For a short version, here is my resume.


I’ve kept it short. I will add more detailed case study later on.

1. buzzvil (current)

2. CMS

3. Freelance & School


Seoul - 2014 to present


I am currently Product Design Lead at buzzvil as well as a Product Owner for our supply business. I handle a cross disciplinary team of 8 people and I am in charge of the performances of our supply products (Publishers). These new responsibilities came after being given a couple or PM roles over different mission teams. A great way for me to strengthen my business understanding and grow my management skills. I intentionally moved further away from product Design to better understand how product business works. In my quest to becoming a better product owner, I found Design methods to be extremely powerful tools.

Now, let’s get back in time. Here is how things worked out for me at buzzvil over these past 6 years.


New start, new challenges, new life

Late 2014 I joined buzzvil as the lead designer, a dynamic startup based in Seoul. In June I was releasing my first Android and iOS Honeyscreen App with buzzvil. This is the beginning of a long story during which I’ve already learnt so much!


Work smarter, be lazier

I don’t consider myself lazy per se, but I do enjoy a lot finding solutions to shorten boring, repetitive work. This marks a growing interest for Pattern recognition and the discovery of DesignOps.
During the second semester the team was releasing buzzscreen SDK opening our lockscreen technology to partners. Buzzscreen became buzzvil cash cow and still is an important source of revenue.


Feeling limited

That year is important in my career. This is the time I’ve decided to invest more in becoming a better leader in order to achieve more than I could do by myself. I’ve spent more of my resources learning to be a greater leader than being a better designer.
It materialized in research and theory (read: High Output Management from Andrew Grove) and by consolidating a hiring strategy for the next few years.


The year I became a better manager.

As I said, being an expert at what you are doing doesn’t make you a great manager. During this year and with a team growing, It was time to put theory in practice. I’ve learned through hard experiences and great guidance from my managers. Learning the value of delegation and communicating effectively, Becoming a better manager..

Opening Design to anyone

Late this year, We’ve internally published the first version of our Design system. From now on anyone in the company can access and play Lego with our components and layouts. Since then we’ve seen different teams using these assets to mockup things such as what a potential partner integration would look like over our White Label SDK. Designers are asked to help out if requested but our time can now focus on upcoming releases!


Design system expert

The team recently published an online version of our Design System. 🎊
Building a Design system is more a story about team organization, workflow and Principles than it is about Components.

Leading a mission team

Later last year I’ve started leading an amazing mission team called UXP (User eXPerience) with goal to enhance our usability and test new features. The team consisted of 2 designers, 3 client engineers, 1 server engineer and a PM. For many of us it was the first time closely working with different fields and we learnt a lot from this experience. We’ve made mistakes that makes us all today much stronger than we were. The mission eventually ended up last July and merged with another team to help us move our inventory through our new vision. I’ve co-led this inventory Lab team that eventually ended recently, moving my focus to upcoming products.


A better business understanding

After being given a chance to lead a product team back in 2019, my responsibilities over products management increased. Throughout 2 different teams I could improve my capacity to manage projects and cross-functional teams. The first mission team was co-led with my CEO, Young. I learnt tons of things in a very short time. Once Young judged I could lead on my own, he put me in charge of a new team focused on the product I helped initiate in this previous mission. A truly great experience during which I could overcome some of the toughest learning curve I faced in my career. This year noted a slight move from Design even though I’ve never neglected my leadership responsibilities. In early 2021 eventually saw my position as Head of Design narrowed to Product Design in order to give myself a greater focus and take on new challenges as Product Owner.

CMS Group

Paris - 2011 to 2014

CMS group (previously 3S Informatique) was my first proper work experience. I spent nearly 4 years working on research oriented projects. I could adjust the methods I learned at school, learn how to interact inside a development team and publish my very first research paper in Tokyo.


The real test

After taking 2 months break in Korea after my graduation, I started working for a Research Lab incubated by CMS Group, an IT consulting company based in Paris. Most of my work this year happened to be in Arts & Metiers campus, closely working with a team of researchers to shape the concept of what will keep me busy for the next 3 years. My workplace changed to CMS Group (formerly 3S) Product team after the research, identification and ideation phases of the design thinking process were done. This year the project got founded by the E.U. as a research project.


An interest for coding to better design

I’ve learnt a lot during this year, closely working with a team of engineers from the early stages of our product to alpha version. I did a lot of mistakes but also learnt to iterate fast to allow myself failing on the way. I built my first UI system based on Bootstrap. I could control the entire appearance of our LMS throughout these CSS/JS based style guides and layouts. This decision was based on the many headaches I encountered to hand-off my Design to developers.


When Design meets Research

I’ve co-published a paper called ““The CO-SI Card method : how to refine and validate concepts through a scenario generator framework” " at IASDR Tokyo about co-design with Cédric Mivielle. That same year our project moved to Alpha version, I’ve been given the opportunity to assist and collaborate with Randstad training team to test the platform in real conditions.


Time to wrap up, communicate on achievements & move on!

I’ve introduced my experience as an Interaction design Alumni during this year’s open days at my former school l’école de design de Nantes Atlantique.

I’ve participated to an European Campus which was about UX Design and learning services organized by the University of Poitiers. I lectured about being a UX designer working on a professional training platform as well as being UX designer part of a panel of UX professionals (video in French).

After recruiting and on-boarding another Designer to replace me, I’ve finally decided to end my journey in this Lab and in Paris to relocate myself in Seoul! ✈️ 🇰🇷

Later this year I’ve participated to an amazing workshop in KAIST, regrouping artists and designers from all over the world, engineers from KAIST campus and kid from local school to be imagining the Daejeon city in 2050.

Freelance & School

Nantes / Laval / Paris - 2005 to 2010


Head full of dreams and a true passion for Design

I graduated from the excellent L’École de design Nantes Atlantique - Master in Interaction Design with Honors. I graduated from L’École Normale Supérieure des Arts et Metiers - Research Master in Virtual Reality & Innovation with honors.

I also got an amazing last year’s internship at a parisian startup called Domolib', creating home automation systems. In 6 months I could see my very first iPad application being published with positive reviews. It was about cooking recipes, the twist being that you could navigate through the steps without having to touch the screen as the App could detect a clap-clap as an indicator to move to the next step.

Before 2010

Freelancer, first client interactions, first responsibilities!

During my years of school I created my own company to freelance on a few projects. Mostly Website making and brand design. I’ve learnt the importance of communication and how difficult this can be as part of a Design project with direct client interactions. It helped me become more aware of what surrounds a designer’s job and understand in surface development constraints.